Living in Australia
Australia’s innovative and advanced education institutions are recognised as world class and in high demand.

The cost of living in aus is highly depends on types of accomodation and modes of transportation.

Students can choose from a variety of accomodations such as sharing a unit with friends, living in university dormitories, or renting a whole apartment or house. Rental prices are also greatly depends on the location of the accomodation. Certain suburbs are more affordable than others, while accomodations near city center with many amenities are more expensive.

Public transportations in aus are quite extensive, ranging from buses, trains, light rails, and ferries. They are safe, run efficiently, and highly accessible. Besides, costs for public transportation are certainly more affordable than taxis.

For eating out, there are various Restaurants, takeouts, and fast food chains to choose from with ranges of price. Students on a tight budgets can opt for cooking at home instead. Groceries are affordable but some fruits and vegetables are seasonal and thus can be expensive.