Living in New Zealand
New Zealand is an unbeatable place to live and study.

Cost of living in New Zealand is high due to many factors but mainly because of its isolated location. Rent prices are high and can be even more expensive if students live in big cities such as auckland, wellington or christchurch.

Public transportation in New Zealand is not that extensive compared to Australia or Singapore, therefore locals prefer to drive. Unlike in Singapore or Australia, public transportation in New Zealand is owned by private companies, so the way they operate and the cost can be greatly varied. Public transportation in New Zealand is mainly covered by buses and rail in some cities but they are less affordable and runs infrequently.

Although the cost of living is high and the infrastructure is not well developed, many foreigners still love to settle in New Zealand. This country still never fail to attract more international students every year due to the rugged untouched beauty of its nature. Students can experience a serenity of the nature in such amazing surroundings, filled with friendly locals, and gentle weather all year long.