Living in Malaysia
Malaysia has excellent infrastructure, political stability, multi-cultural approach, variety of food makes Malaysia a popular educational destination for many students.

The cost of living in Malay is lower than in other asian countries such as Singapore and Hongkong, therefore it is significantly lower than in most western countries. Students won’t have problem finding affordable accomodation in malay, although accomodations in Kuala Lumpur are more expensive than other cities. Students can choose from a range of apartments, houses, bungalows or condominiums that usually come with amenities such as swimming pools and gyms.

Public transport in Malay is impressive, with bus routes covering most areas of the cities, and trains and ferries in Malay could even take you to nearby countries such as Singapore or Thailand. For those who choose to use Taxis as their main transportation, be sure to ask the taxi driver to turn on their meters and be ready to deal with congested roads. For this reason, the local prefer to travel by public transportation.

Eating out in malay is highly affordable, especially street food and local cuisine. Food scenery in malay is very lively where students can easily find variety of low cost quality foods anywhere.