Living in Singapore
Singapore has one of the world's top ranked education systems. Singapore's education system has proven to be one of the best in the world.

Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world, therefore the cost of living is also high. Accomodation in Singapore can be expensive but understandably so because they come with modern amenities and luxury lifestyle options. Student on a budget can opt to rent a room in suburbs rather than in the city center.

Public transportation in Singapore is excellent. the MRT covers massive areas anywhere in Singapore and their lines continues to expand until today. Buses are also a good options in which they cover more areas compared to MRT including residential areas. Besides good coverage, public transportation in Singapore are well known for its cleanliness and efficiency. Taxis are easy to find and more convenient but certainly more costly for students on a tight budget.

Cost for Eating out in Singapore is expensive but students are still able to find affordable local street food if they like. Singapore is a heaven for foreigner because of its multiculturalism, it is a vibrant city, where students can experience a blending of asian and western cultures, without having to endure the cold season.