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Study in Australia

Australia’s innovative and advanced education institutions are recognised as world class and in high demand. In 2016 half a million overseas students were studying in Australia.

Australia is proud to be the destination of choice for Indonesian university students studying overseas.  In fact, we host around a quarter of all Indonesian university students studying abroad.

You can start your Australian education today from wherever you are.

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Study in Singapore

Study in Singapore to experience one of the best education systems in the world, to earn a globally recognized qualification from high ranked institutions and to experience a multicultural society with a very high quality of life.

Singapore positions itself as a key educational hub in Asia. Studying in Singapore offers a foreign student a rich experience – both academically and culturally. Command of English is essential as most courses are conducted in English.

Singapore ranks high on other crucial parameters such as student satisfaction and safety and affordability. Singapore’s status of being an economic powerhouse with excellent job opportunities across a diverse range of sectors complements its education system of international repute and makes this city country one of the most sought after study destinations globally.

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Study in Malaysia

One of the many reasons why international students choose Malaysia is its cost-effective, high quality tertiary education.

Malaysia has grown tremendously and has become a more developed country over the years since her independence 48 years ago.

Malaysia has experienced a steady economic progression and rapid infrastructural development of which Malaysians are truly proud.

Education and development of human capital are always the top priority of the Government. The Malaysian education sector has grown tremendously during the past decade, giving Malaysia the acknowledgment as a centre of educational excellence in the region.

This is a very befitting acknowledgement, as Malaysia has established 17 public educational institutions (which include an International Islamic University), 21 private universities, 5 foreign university branch campuses, more than 500 private colleges, as well as 32 international schools and 14 expatriate schools for local as well as international academic needs.

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Study in New Zealand

A New Zealand education can give you the qualifications and skills to excel anywhere in the world with your chosen career.

Did you know all of New Zealand’s eight universities are ranked in the top 3% in the world?

Students in New Zealand are supported to solve problems, work with others, create and innovate. New Zealand gives you a high-quality education that will enable you to achieve your goals.

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