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Australia Student Visa

Student visa gives you an opportunity to get a global qualification with an internationally recognised certificate or degree. You can get a chance of getting to know people from different countries and cultures to create life-long friendships or even… relationships!

How to apply for a student visa in Australia?

You don’t have to go through this bureaucratic process yourself!

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The following are some of the basic documents you should have before applying for your Australian Student Visa:

  1. Passport
  2. CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment)
  3. Valid OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover)
  4. Evidence of Funding
  5. HAP ID for Medical Check-Up
  6. GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant Essay)

In addition, but once again everything depends on your circumstances, you may be asked to provide:

  1. Financial statements
  2. Confirmation of your previous studies
  3. Confirmation of your level of English
  4. Confirmation of your current/previous employment.

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Singapore Student Visa

In Singapore, a student visa is referred to as a student pass, and universities in this country are known as Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL). As an international student in Singapore, intending to attend any academic program lasting more than 30 days, you must apply for this student pass. Your visa or pass application is submitted to the Student’s Pass Online Application and Registration or SOLAR system, the country’s official registration system.

Student pass applications are processed directly by the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for applicants up to 19 years who wish to attend a private institution. Students above the age of 20, who wish to study vocational, commercial, language or fine arts courses, may be asked to appear for an interview.

Types of Singapore Student Visas

Singapore has only one study visa — the student pass. This pass is accepted in all 34 IHLs in Singapore that accept international students. But there are variants of the pass.

  1. Student pass based on the duration of the program
    Depending on the length of the program you intend to attend, you can apply for a short term or a long term student pass. The short term pass is ideal for students planning to attend certificate or diploma courses, typically lasting for up to 3 months. If you wish to gain admission in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program, you will need a long-term pass.
  2. Student Pass based on the type of program you wish to attend
    Your student pass typically includes details of the course you are attending. Singapore offers a wide range of courses including diplomas, certificate courses, vocational courses, practical training courses for international students, along with Bachelor’s and Master’s Courses.

Documents required for Singapore student visa

To meet with Singapore study visa requirements, you must submit the following documents:

  1. Your current and legible passport, valid for a minimum of three months.
  2. All completed student visa application forms — Form 16 (the main application for student pass) and Form V36 (for additional information on the applicant).
  3. The original receipt showing that you have paid the visa application fee.
  4. The invitation letter issued by the IHL in Singapore.
  5. Your bank statements showing that you can fund your education in Singapore (both tuition fees and living expenses while studying).
  6. Bank loan sanction letter (if applying for a student loan), along with proof of investments, if requested by the ICA.
  7. Transcripts of your degrees, diplomas or any certificates received from schools attended in India.
  8. Test scores required by your college, which could be GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, PTE etc.
  9. Document showcasing how you intend to bear all the costs associated with living in Singapore.

Malaysia Student Visa

If you wish to continue your education in Malaysia you will need a Malaysian Student Visa.

Every foreign national wishing to enter Malaysia must obtain a Pass relating to the purpose of their trip. Thus, the type of Pass you need to study in Malaysia is the Malaysia Student Pass.

The term Malaysia Student Visa and Malaysia Student Pass are often used interchangeably, and by all definitions, they mean pretty much the same thing.

Student Pass Application Procedure

  1. Foreigner in Government Schools;
  2. Foreigner in Private Schools;
  3. Foreigner in public higher education institutions
  4. Foreigner in private higher education institutions;
  5. Foreigner in language centers;
  6. Foreigner in training centers under Department of Skill Development;
  7. Holder of Dependant Pass (Expatriate)

Documents required for Malaysia student visa

  1. Support letter ( Ministry of Education / Department of Skill Development)
  2. Offer letter from schools / higher education institutions/ language centre / training centre
  3. Two (2) sets of Form Imm.14
  4. Two (2) sets of passport copies / travel documents
  5. Two (2) sets of colored photos (3.5 cm x 3.5 cm)
  6. Personal Bond form (stamped) and
  7. For students who wish to transfer university/college, they need a release letter from their previous university/college, attendance report, academic performance report, and support letter from the Ministry of Education.

JLU Services Education can help you in the school or university application process, get a COE, organize OSHC and Medical Check-Ups, to apply for a Student Visa.

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